What Is App Development

app development

application development defines the process again the process of how an application is made following standard methodology to perform different tasks that an organization requires maybe most of you will think that application development focuses on source code creation only to clear your confusion source code  creation is one of the important parts of the application development every app development process follows the system development life cycle the major part of the cycle are the analysis design

implementation testing and last evaluation to manage the project efficiently the development team must choose the application development methodology that will work best for the project all methodologies have various strengths and weaknesses and exist for different goals here I have give you a glance at the most popular methodologies that your team can use we have here agile known to minimize development risk when adding new functionality we also have devops aimed to automate continuous deployment to ensure everything happens smoothly and reliably we also have waterfall consists of sequential faces focusing on distinct goals lastly we have rapid application development or also known as rad that condensed development process that produces a high quality system with low investment cost are these methodologies sounds familiar to you have you used any of this on your projects would you mind sharing your experience on the comment section below all of these methodologies will be discussed thoroughly on the next video lessons that i will be sharing here in my channel so don’t forget to click subscribe button below this video moving forward an application will make work easier and more efficient than that of a mere human effort could do just take a good look at this sending message workload comparison now just a few clicks or tabs from your device and your message will be sent to multiple recipients in real time imagine the convenient technology can offer to us application development has different names with similar aims number one is we have custom application development it is designed to address specific needs within an organization for example we have student portal at most learning institutions student

the portal is used by students to sign up for classes download learning materials on that class and check on things like grades or schedules all from a simple custom software or we have the total list that you can

What Is App Development

check whatever task that you need to be done on a daily basis we also have online medical patient interface wherein you can set an appointment to a doctor of a particular hospital in just a few clicks or taps from the convenience of your home next is we have rapid application development actually this is an app development methodology as mentioned a while ago and those applications that were made under this methodology are identified as red these red emphasizes the use of software and user feedback over strict planning and requirements recording next we have low code application development low code is a new approach to building unique business applications with a local development platform you don’t code an application line by line you draw it yes as you heard you draw it like a flow chart this makes developing powerful new applications quick and intuitive we have examples here like case flow which allow you to create custom apps and automate business process we also have zoom creators it is a cross-platform app builder helps to build native mobile applications faster we also have mandy.com as our example that will help you to digitize processes and workflows it will increase employees productivity

and engagement next is we have mobile application development that involves writing software specifically to take advantage of the unique features particularly for small wireless computing devices mobile apps are made for specific purposes like communication entertainment social media presence simple computing

tool multimedia editors and likes next we have database application development it’s it is a program whose primary purpose is entering and retrieving information from a computerized database a database

the application facilitates simultaneous updates and queries from multiple users next is we have the enterprise application development it is a complex process of creating applications for business purposes they are complex customized for critical business requirements and can be deployed on the cloud on a variety of platforms across corporate networks internet and etc  we have here examples of an enterprise application development we have the billing system the customer relationship management system and the supply relationship management system lastly we have web application development it is the creation of application programs that resides on remote servers and are delivered to the user’s device over the internet a web application does not need to be downloaded and is instead accessed through a network

these are the tools that you commonly use on web application development have you done any of the application development projects mentioned previously do you have any recommendations of any useful

digital tools we can use to our projects please comment it down below to wrap this lesson we have learned what is an application development and its core focus there might be a lot of name versions but it boils down to the same purpose to make work easier and efficient to the intended user or organization

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