E-Commerce Marketing Full Information

hello and welcome to today’s point today in online marketing we will discuss e-commerce marketing what is eCommerce marketing why e-commerce marketing what are the key elements of e-commerce marketing what we should be doing and what we should not be doing as
for us email eCommerce marketing is concerned let’s get started with it.

e-commerce marketing refers to using the online medium and platforms such as websites blogs landing pages content marketing and social media marketing to promote advertise create awareness drive traffic to the website and improve conversions what we do basically in e-commerce marketing is have an e-commerce website where you are selling a lot of products under multiple categories and you have to
actually, create awareness and visibility of this eCommerce website out there in the market and how you can do it you can create a separate website you can create a blog you can create landing pages you can leverage social media and you do a lot of content marketing across
to actually drive traffic to this eCommerce website so that the traffic will come to the website they can check out the pores on the website and leading to conversions and this is precisely what eCommerce marketing is all about it also refers to formulating and executing paid campaigns in driving traffic besides the organic traffic that could be coming to your website in terms of search engine rankings in terms of visibility in the search engines in terms of the content marketing in terms of social media marketing you were driving traffic which is basically organic traffic which is free traffic to your e-commerce website you can also think of in fact most of the e-commerce companies they do is they actually run paid campaigns that are PPC campaigns across multiple networks so that they can get traffic instantly immediately because the ads are displayed at the top and the ads actually drive traffic through the paid campaigns also and this is also a part of e Camas marketing what is the process involved in e-commerce marketing first is reaching out to people increase
customer 7uu and the order the first part is this how you can reach out to people through doing a lot of search engine optimization means optimizing your website and making the website very very good so that they’re ranking in the search engines are improved you do a lot of content writing you do a lot of content marketing and you improve the links you can also do a lot of blogging in terms of writing publishing
managing ads linking and tagging blocking essay will actually help you in driving traffic to your website and you can also do paid campaigns in terms of running paid advertising PPC shopping sites and budgeting ads paid campaigns organic traffic is something that you do
to reach out to people and drive traffic to your website then come to the store conversion once the traffic comes to the website not everybody will buy you have to do a lot of testing to ensure that you know if the website the e-commerce a website that you have is completely in tune with the user requirements in terms of user-friendly names in terms of usability in terms of user interface and in terms of user experience.

E-Commerce Marketing Full Information

These factors need to be taken into consideration to actually engage with the traffic that is coming to your
website so that the conversions can happen then have the customer communication where you build a lot of newsletters by interacting and
communicating with your customers and staying in touch with them regularly sending them emails and newsletters on the new products and the new errors on the website you can also go in for product reviews product if you see is an extremely important factor in actually
making a traffic unknown visit our community website and converting into a customer because reviews actually play a big role in influencing people to buy a particular product service is something that you can do in identifying the gray areas issues concerns and challenges that may be existing on your website you do take a lot of feedback and based on this feedback you take corrective measures to improve and enhance your website for driving more and more conversions and this is precisely what the process of e-commerce marketing is concerned reviews as we discussed to play a very important role 72% of kumki consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and relatives besides from the recommendations of the friends and family people also do a lot of reviews reading because today customers are consumers are very very mean from the person because we live in an Internet-driven Society lot of information is available wealth of information is available if I want to buy a particular product besides from talking to my friends and family I do a lot of research by going online and reading reviews by experts in the the industry they can influence me as much as 72 percent as good reviews of your
product of your service makes a huge difference in driving conversions in having very good reviews from the experts because reviews play a very important role in e-commerce marketing what are the key elements that are associated with e-commerce marketing newsletters social media exposure is extremely important the newsletters that you actually publish are doing an email the marketing campaign in reaching out to the potential customers then set up stores and SSL integration security socket layer to give trust believe and confidence to the end-user the traffic that is the community of the website that your website is safe to do the online shopping to make online payments security socket layer integration plays a very important role in giving confidence to the end-user that their online purchase on your website is safe then you can also do a lot of banners and review a Desmond’s then PPC campaigns paid campaigns before besides driving from paid organic traffic you can also do paid traffic then coupons and discounts play a huge role in the influencing people to buy the products
because they get a lot of discounts this is something a very considered a very a good strategy in making more and more conversions SEO strategy driving traffic organically improving the search engine rankings by implementing the SEO strategy speed optimization the more the
quicker the obscenities in terms of loading in terms of displaying pictures in terms of opening the shopping cart in terms of no payment gateway page the speed place is very very important or because you have a lot of products a lot of images lot of information on e-commerce at making sure that your speed of the website e-commerce at is very very good these are some of the keys elements that need to be taken into consideration when building a website and driving traffic to the eCommerce website is concerned what you should be doing on e-commerce website marketing is something here it is clear there is two things here shop by now on sale doing a lot of shouting when you are doing content marketing whether on social media or blogging or landing pages anywhere to promote your e-commerce site this will never work the more you show the more the people will get irritated this is not going to work and this is something that works
the blog post reports the white papers explaining to people what this an eCommerce site is all aboard work and uproar you’re selling the quality of the product the pricing of the product the customer support of the product E-commerce website this is what is going to work the more you think of listening to your customer the more you interact engage and communicate with your customer with your content marketing with your social media presence or social media marketing the better shouting will never work interact engage and communicate with people listen to the people understand their concerns understand what they want then pitch in perhaps this is Bill Bob and this will never work as far as your eCommerce marketing is concerned in conclusion what we have seen in this video is what is e-commerce marketing process the reviews matter a lot of key elements of e-commerce marketing then the dos and don’ts of e-commerce marketing.

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