Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Best Social Media Marketing Tools. back in the early days of social media you know when you had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to send a tweet about what you were going to eat for brunch you could use each platform natively within each app as its own brand now centralized social media management tools are the norm but which one’s right for you well good news because that’s exactly what we’re going to discover together in this video think back 10 even 15 years ago when social media was just starting to take off when you weren’t trying to develop your own personal power rankings with the myspace top 8 you knew you could easily manage your own brand’s

accounts natively on the platforms that you use logging into Facebook to use Facebook

logging into Twitter to use Twitter I mean come on you get the point well as you probably know already those days are over if you were to take that native approach to social media for your company you develop a reputation real quick as being an inefficient time waster you don’t want that and I don’t want that for you in this video I’m going to share with you our favorite social media tools for brands that will help you get a big result and look like a rock star to your boss are you ready let’s do it built on the mission of championing human to human social sprout social is one of the largest and most comprehensive social media

management tools it offers post-publishing and scheduling reporting and analytics

engagement monitoring and social listening altogether these tools provide a comprehensive experience when it comes to managing not only your social media game but your online presence as a whole sprout social offers three different pricing packages depending on what you need from the platform with a 30-day trial for each Hootsuite is one of the most popular

tools in the social media management industry with over 16 million active users it’s primarily known for its ease of use in managing social content and effectively scheduling and posting content across a number of different platforms Hootsuite also offers numerous educational resources such as courses and certifications around using Hootsuite and helping your brand use social media and reporting analytics successfully Hootsuite’s pricing is broken down into

Best Social Media Marketing Tools

five packages limited free professional team business and enterprise each available with a 30-day free trial ma social may look like every other social media management tool on the block

but it has something special we haven’t really found elsewhere along with bulk scheduling and reporting functionality mav social puts a significant focus on the visual side of social media management including a stock image library an integrated image editor and the

ability to manage a digital asset library on top of that map social also has some very fancy ai image recognition capabilities that will help you manage and organize all of your images even if you’re on the go with mav social’s handy mobile app map social starts with a two-week free trial then transitions into four pricing tiers advanced pro-business and enterprise

loom lee defines itself as a brand success platform focused on teams being able to build a

brand from the ground up with an easy to use review and approval workflow built into the tool loosely will help your entire team be efficient and on the same page in crafting your

the brand presents online also are you struggling to brainstorm content ideas for your brand

Lumley makes content recommendations based on trends upcoming dates or holidays and common social media best practices that you can use instantly loosely starts with a 15-day

free trial and then transitions into five pricing tiers base standard advanced premium and of course enterprise whether you’re a b2b or b2c marketer you know that social media management isn’t easy in today’s modern world so if you want to learn more about how to drive real bottom-line results for your brand and hit your most aggressive goals with social media.

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